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 About me

My name is a paradox in the flesh (and since I am my name in the flesh, I am squarely a paradox in the flesh). My first name, Fedde, is of a heathen Germanic origin; whereas my last name, Benedictus, is as catholic as, well, 16 of the previous popes. In 2010 I finished my physics studies at the University of Utrecht (the Netherlands). Right after that I started a pilot-study in archaeology. The aim of this study was to determine the feasibility of applying Social Network Analysis to the rise of Christianity in the early Roman Empire. It turned out that such application is not feasible (I’ll explain why in a future blog post). Instead of following up on the archaeological pilot-study I took a deep breath and dived headfirst into the rabbit hole: I started doing a PhD in the history/philosophy of physics/mathematics. I’ll explain the topic of my PhD in more detail in another future blog post. Besides PhD student I am the managing editor for a theoretical physics journal – Foundations of Physics.

More About me

I have a brain tumour. Attempts at surgical removal of this tumour have resulted in the spasticity of my left bodyhalf. Because of this I have severe difficulty walking; problems with my balance and impaired eye-sight. I am what they call ‘disabled’, or, euphemistically, ‘differently abled’. Not only am I quite good at sitting in a wheelchair, the strength in my right leg allows my tricycle to reach velocities well above 25 km/h (provided the weather conditions are favourable).