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Zeno the Zebra and the Truth in the Middle

Alice in Wonderland discovers that when the truth is in the middle, everyone is wrong. Continue reading

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What is the philosophy of physics?

Physics and its philosophy Physics is the search for a mathematical model which describes the phenomena around us. New physics usually starts with observing something that cannot be explained, after which a hypothesis is formulated which explains the observations. The … Continue reading

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Binnenkort in Amsterdam:

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Einstein and Kant: Synthetic Relativity?

Kant presupposed the possibility of knowledge, whereas Einstein presupposed the possibility of physics (by postulating relativity) Continue reading

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What Is Mathematics?

Mathematics is a language. More specifically, mathematics is the language that scientists use to organise and order observations. For example, physicists may describe falling stones in terms of mathematical concepts like parabolas and perfect spheres and sociologists describe their observations … Continue reading

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