Paraclimbing in Imst

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Last month* I participated in a paraclimbing competition in Imst, Austria. The wall which we climbed was situated between the beautiful Tiroler mountains.

In the movie below you can see my attempt at climbing the second of the six routes I had to climb. As you can see the number of grips available is large, so that wasn’t a problem. But you’ll also see that there’s quite a bit of overhang, which becomes a problem after a while (when it becomes more difficult to stretch my left arm and unstretch my left leg)

Any expert climbers out there with useful tips?!

I finished fourth in my category. Am I content? Not really: I didn’t win. On the other hand, considering the amount of training I’ve done in the past year and the good coaching I’ve had, I think I couldn’t have done much better (this time). At the end of September there’ll be another paraclimbing competition. This time in Edinburgh. Perhaps the air in the Scottish highlands will take me to a higher level! 😉










*) The reason why I haven’t blogged about this before is that, during the weeks after the event, I’ve been occupied with the defense of my PhD and several surprise-festivities afterwards.

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Philosopher of physics at Amsterdam University College and Utrecht University, managing editor for Foundations of Physics and international paraclimbing athlete
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    Be careful of the overhang!!!!

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