Believing Words

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I don’t believe a word you say!” Alice’s mother yelled at the little girl.

Yesterday, before Alice’s adventure in the rabbit hole began, her mother had been very angry with her for eating all the tea biscuits. Alice remembered that her eyes filled with tears at seeing her mother so angry, but it had also made her wonder: “How can anyone believe words? Surely, words don’t say things, like people do, so why would you ever believe them? It seemed the oddest thing to do…

As Alice and her companion, the Friendly Minotaur, were walking the long path in the garden in search of the Queen, Alice had ample time to think about her mother’s angry words. “It is very odd indeed to believe words.” She said aloud as if she wanted to convince herself. But wait a minute! – Alice told herself as she frowned deeply – she had often heard people say that they believe ‘it’. Alice was about to ask the Friendly Minotaur whether he ever believed ‘it’, when she saw, in the distance, a zebra dancing about. “I see a horse” she yelled excitedly while she pointed her finger at the form that came hopping towards them…

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