Alice in Numberland, to be continued…

winking professor: Alice in Numberland is to be continued in the Spring of 2023.

I am very happy to (re-)start teaching mathematics (calculus) at Amsterdam university in September, while teaching philosophy (the history of epistemology) at Utrecht University from November onwards. In November and December these courses overlap, so the end of the year is going to be a very busy period for me!

All this teaching leaves me with little time for my Alice-blog, but the plot is thickening, while some unexpected developments are on their way. But don’t hold your breath! The final three episodes of my Alice in Numberland story will appear on this blog in the Spring of 2023. [teaser: the queen is not at all what Alice expects her to be, and the Architect – himself a famous mathematician – has a surprising answer to the minotaur’s question (“do we need mathematics to build a labyrinth?”).

I would really appreciate it if you could let me know which of my Alice-episodes you liked best (and why you liked it). Please fill in the poll below and use the ‘feedback’ button on the left. Namaste!

Previous episodes of ‘Numbers in Wonderland’:

  1. Numbers in Wonderland
  2. Alice and the Friendly Minotaur
  3. Wonderland without Numbers?
  4. The White Rabbit’s Watch
  5. Believing Words
  6. Zeno the Zebra
  7. Zeno the Zebra and the truth in the middle

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Philosopher of physics at Amsterdam University College and Utrecht University, managing editor for Foundations of Physics and international paraclimbing athlete
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  1. Anonymous says:

    My favourite episode is Zeno the Zebra and the truth in the middle.

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