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Paraclimbing World championship – Paris, 2016

UPDATE: I ended fourth in my category. That’s less than I had hoped for, but a lot more than I had expected (I was the only Dutch finalist). The next worldchampionship (Innsbruck, 2018) I’ll do better!

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Conference Vienna – lunchtime!

[disability as a networking skill]

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Conference Vienna, part II – customs, Kant and quantum mechanics

  When I had exchanged email addresses with the Japanese girl and we had said goodbye to each other, our wheelchairs were pushed off by one of the airport’s employees. With great dexterity he steered both wheelchairs at the same … Continue reading

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Conference Vienna, part I – ethical asymmetry at the airport

At international conferences the university or institute hosting the conference often provides a list of hotels which are a relatively small distance from the conference site. The hotels on this list are usually neither the cheapest nor the cosiest, but … Continue reading

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Post Zero

I considered starting my first blog post with the sentence “I have a brain tumour” but I’ve chosen this sentence instead. Be that as it may, I do have a brain tumour. The tumour has caused my left body-half to … Continue reading

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