Post Zero

I considered starting my first blog post with the sentence “I have a brain tumour” but I’ve chosen this sentence instead. Be that as it may, I do have a brain tumour. The tumour has caused my left body-half to be spastic, so walking is very difficult and I use a tricycle to traverse distances of over, say, 150 meters. I studied physics, and nowadays I’m in the last phase of a PhD in the philosophy of physics.

Last October I visited Vienna to attend a two-day conference on the philosophy of Immanuel Kant. My reason for going to the conference was the fact that the conference explicitly intended to bridge the gap between physics and Kant’s philosophy. In the coming blog posts I’d like to share with you my adventures in – and on the way to – Vienna. In later posts I will also tell you how the philosophy of Kant can be related to modern physics.

About fbenedictus

Philosopher of physics at Amsterdam University College and Utrecht University, managing editor for Foundations of Physics and international paraclimbing athlete
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