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What Is A Dimension?

  In sci-fi movies there is often talk of “going to another dimension” as if there is some kind of barrier in between dimensions that can be crossed only if the circumstances are very special – usually the filmmakers are … Continue reading

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How Natural Is The Natural Logarithm?

I want to show in this post that the natural logarithm is not natural – it is not a characteristic of objective nature. The natural logarithm pops up everywhere in science: biology, sociology, economics… and the list goes on. Every student of … Continue reading

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Kant & Modern Physics

The part of Kant’s philosophy that I’ll be discussing in this post is Kant’s view on human knowledge. The central idea of Kant is rather straightforward: the world must be such that knowledge is possible. The world, according to Kant, must … Continue reading

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Probability “0” Is Not Impossibility

The probability that a dart will hit any specific point of a dartboard is zero because there are infinitely many points on the board. And yet if you throw a dart at a dartboard you’ll always hit some point (assuming … Continue reading

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