I have great news! No, I’m not pregnant, I’m moving to Sweden. My wife accepted a job as a teacher at an international school in Älmhult (near Malmö), so from August 1 I’ll be driving my tricycle in Viking-country.

One remark before I tell you more about my plans for Sweden: this will be my last blogpost on; from now on I’ll only post on my English paraclimbing website so follow this link, and click ‘Follow Blog via Email’ to keep getting updates!


What am I going to do in Sweden? I’m going to continue my job as an editor for a journal in physics (Foundations of Physics) and I’ll continue to do research in the philosophy of physics at the Linnaeus University in Växjö.

And what about the climbing? Will that come to an end?

Of course not! I’m going to start a new chapter of my mission – to spread the word about paraclimbing. When I started paraclimbing in the Netherlands three years ago, there was only one other paraclimber, now there’s eight of us (see image below). At the moment there are only two paraclimbers in Sweden, that will change!


But before I move to Sweden, there are two things that I have to take care of:

  1. I’m organising an international conference in honour of the Nobel laureate Gerard ‘t Hooft, to be held at the university of Utrecht July 11-13 (hey, that’s Thursday!)
  2. The morning after the conference dinner on Saturday I’m traveling to Briançon (Fra) to compete in the Worldchampionship paraclimbing!

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Philosopher of physics at Amsterdam University College and Utrecht University, managing editor for Foundations of Physics and international paraclimbing athlete
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